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In a city just down the road from where Paul himself literally walked 2000 years ago, the Lord is doing a new thing again! You’ll get to connect with the Lord in a city of nearly 4.5 million that wraps the bay and features beautiful coastline and lush mountains. You’ll get a taste of the greatest breakfast culture you’ve ever experienced, and a people primed to receive and catch fire with the Gospel. Known as the atheist and secular capitol of this predominantly Muslim country and unreached people group, the Mediterranean Hub is primed with university students and young working professionals whose hearts are longing for real Truth. Do you love and feel called to lead worship, songwriting, and intercession? God is stirring our hearts and the hearts of local leaders to see a worship movement be birthed in our city that spreads through it and to the greater region – and you’re invited to join in a new, pioneering worship internship track. From park picnics and worship to coffee shop prophesying, prayer walking and pickup soccer or volleyball outreach, you’ll get the opportunity to meet and share with this beautiful, hospitable people group


May 18th – August 6th



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