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Mauritius is one of the most diverse countries in the world! Home to people of Indian, African, European, and Chinese descent, it is a melting pot of different world views, from Hinduism, Islam, secularism, ancestor worship, and even a local form of voodoo called Gris-Gris. Yet these different communities have adopted an “island” mentality, isolating themselves in their own silos and becoming some of the loneliest people on Earth. Simply put, most people in Mauritius are in desperate need of a friend. They live out their days unaware of a God who calls them friend and instead they look for that connection wherever they can find it, whether in a temple, or in the bottom of a bottle of rum.

This summer, we have just one request of you: Come to Mauritius and be a good friend to someone! We would love to host an ETN team or a small group of interns to live on our island and simply integrate into life here, enjoying all the good things God has created. From the food and culture, to the beaches and hiking, to the festivals and art, Mauritius has something for everyone and we want you to enjoy it, while getting to know the locals and, through a witness of faithful friendship, share the love of Jesus with them. Meanwhile, depending on the number of people interested, a Luke 10-style excursion to a nearby island like Seychelles, Reunion, or Rodrigues may also be included. Our greatest hope is that your time in Mauritius will be a life-changing experience, helping you to grow into a person who lives a transformative and missional lifestyle when you get home, no matter where life takes you!


May 18th – August 6th



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