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The Indian Ocean is home to some of the most diverse countries in the world! Island nations like Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, and Réunion are home not only to beautiful beaches and mountains, but to people of Indian, African, European, and Chinese descent. Due to their remoteness, however, these are also some of the most overlooked regions in the world when it comes to modern day missions. Most islanders hold beliefs as diverse as themselves, following Hinduism and Islam, irreligion and secularism, ancestor worship, or even their own form of Voodoo known as Gris-Gris. Living out their days unaware of a God whose love for them is as vast as the ocean, they look for hope anywhere they can find it, whether it be at the bottom of a bottle of rum, or striking it rich in the tourism industry.

In the summer of 2022, we have the opportunity to help them find that hope. With the loosening of travel restrictions, these tourism-dependent economies are inviting young people from all over the world to come visit their islands. We hope to send teams to each of these locations to work with local church planters, reach the lost, and teach them to become fishers of men. Additionally, we’re also looking for a team of interns to stay for a longer period of time in order to more deeply integrate into daily island life, and help facilitate and train island teams.


May 18th – August 7th



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